Christmas Card Commissions 2016


Dearest muffins!

The webshop launch was successful – yay! Thank you all so much for the support and trust! – & summer is almost at an end… this means…

 Christmas Card Commissions 2016  are now open!! :) 

I know, it’s still September… but as a small business you’ve got to plan things ahead ;) (I’ve even read an article some time ago that 1 in 10 families start to plan their Christmas party in September! So if I compare things… that means I’m even late! :D )

Just drop me a line on! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Hear you soon & read you later! :)


PS: since I didn’t post that much in a while, you can also find me in these places to keep up to date ;)



Archimuffin shop

Hello all!

Just a short blogpost to let you know I’ve opened my e-shop on bigcartel today! You can find it here:

Go have a look and you’ll find a little selection of my items (there’s still a bit more to come… I’ve also got something special planned ahead for Christmas ^^).

Now I’m also working on a newsletter (something I’ve never used in the past but it can come quite in handy :) )… I’ll post more soon!

Read you later!


Summer 2016 – Work, more work & some cocktails!



Wellllll… there’s a lot going on here (in a good way :) ), that’s why I haven’t been that present on the blog lately :s.

But I’ll tell you a little something about it, that way you’re all up to date here! :)

During the months of June & July I had a lot (A LOT :O ) of learning to do & I worked on my project: I will launch a little line of apparel (all eco & fairtrade) in September… the designs & everything are done by now, I found some supernice resellers & fantastic bloggers (more about that later!) By the way: I’m still looking for two more bloggers, so if you’re interested let me know something on :))… so that’s that! phew! :) Next to this I still work at a media company as an editor & translator, but I realized it started to interfere with my other work & studies so in the end I had to make a choice :( (a day only counts 24 hours after all…), it’s time to move on … not that easy after 5 years, but that’s life! And change is good! :) This means that I’ll be completely self-employed by November!! I’m looking forward to it!! (and I’m a little scared at the same time, but “good scared” ;) ).

Now I’m working on my new website (this time with the – very much needed (tried to do everything myself the first time & failed miserably :3) – help of a webdesigner! I’m lucky I found this guy!).  Still have to create the whole basic layout, animations & illustrations… there’s still a lot to do :), but I’m loving it! I will post some of the work in progress here later on.

This page will remain in existence of course, as my blog (which will be linked to my official website later)!

Apart from work I’m trying to enjoy Summer as much as I can! (downtime is important too!! :) )

Read you later!


Some news & Facebook Banners

Didn’t post in quite some time :(… so to make it up to you I’ve uploaded 2 free facebook banners :).

For the moment I’m working on my website and new illustrations! And I did promise fruits & veggies for the summer months… just keep an eye out on my instagram! You’ll get a healthy load of colorful strawberries, apples, melons, lemons, courgettes, etc…

Happy Cacti banner:Happy Cacti FB banner

The Best Things in Life are Sweet banner:

Best Things in Life are Sweet FB banner

Read you later!